Matches are to be played off 90% of difference of lowest playing handicap (max playing handicap 24) , match will be at club of team at top of draw and that team should make initial contact. (See note below*)

Players should offer at least 2 weekday and 2 weekend dates.

The draw will be random.

Matches shall be played over 18 holes, course longest tee's on the day (i.e. white in most cases).

In the event of the match being all square, it shall continue until one team wins a hole.
Semi-final and Final to be played at neutral venue to be arranged by match secretary

The entrance fee to the competition will be determined by the Union and must be paid at time of entry. If the entry fee is not paid, the player will not be included in the draw.

*Both players are equally responsible for offering and accepting a selection of dates which must fall within the time limit imposed as shown on the draw sheet. The winning player is responsible for informing the Competition Organiser the result of the match. (Ideally via Club V1 app or email

If no result is received both players will be eliminated. No time extension will be allowed.

If players are unable to reach agreement on any aspect of the competition an appeal may be made through the Competition Organiser to the Committee of the Union whose decision shall be final.